Gender Neutral Skincare

And why you should probably hide your beloved products...

As an entrepreneur, I sign up for a lot of newsletters so I can stay on top of the industry and make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to serve customers with the best products and services. One recent business newsletter I get from CB Insights really stood out to me because I'm used to reading all about tech companies either starting up or being acquired in Silicon Valley. But this time, the focus was on the Beauty Industry...what's hot, innovations, the customer experience and "Looking Ahead".

Gender Neutral Beauty is on The Rise

Drum roll please...

Firstly, no surprise, natural and organic products are really trending and canna skincare is too - yay! And we can't forget probiotics skincare which we are introducing in a patented formula in our new cleanser as part of a system coming out this fall. More on that soon...

But ingredients aside, I am very excited to see that finally we are realizing that men, as well as women, love to take care of themselves and appreciate quality skincare products. Women should be supportive, because if women want real equality, we have to be able to acknowledge that men want it too. and Self Care is good for everyone. So don't be surprised if your man starts using your creams or even buys his own that are more expensive and higher quality than yours!


Men are very loyal, let me tell you! For 20 years, my man had been using a brand called Egyptian Magic, which he could only get in a select number of Health Food Stores, and he would absolutely swear by it, always trying to get everyone to convert! He loved it so much, he even put it in his long, beautiful hair. About a year ago, when I started doing my personal testing for M3 Life's new skin care line he told me:

"You'll never get me to convert."
"Fine" I said, "All the more for me!"

Kate Rolston and husband at "Rise of The Butterfly" Gallery NY

However....After seeing my results with just a few weeks' use, he noticed I wasn't always wearing make-up and he started asking me more about my experience with M3 products. When I told him I loved how my face looked "au natural" without makeup, that the redness had gone, and that I'd never used such great products in my all my 50 years, he was really intrigued!

So, he must have become really curious because next time he ran out of Egyptian Magic, he didn't run out to the health food store, he started using my products and has never gone back! Yes, I knew we'd get him - He's a big convert!

BUT BE need a secret stash because men use more - I guess they must have a bigger surface area!

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