Biome Cleanser (face & body) 100ml

Biome Cleanser (face & body) 100ml

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This is truly a first of its kind product, capturing the cleansing properties of Probiotics and the healing properties of CBD.

We are taking pre-orders for our Biome Face and Body Wash! We are so excited about this product as it uses a patented strain of probiotics from our partners at BIOM, which interact with your body's own microbiome to balance out your skin. It's so gentle and has just a handful of simple ingredients, it can be used as a face wash or body wash.

What's more, we add CBD which feeds the microbiota potentiating the cleansing effect and balancing out your skin using your own body's endocannabinoid system.


First inventory: January 2019. Order Now, and be the first to get yours!


    We are taking pre-orders for our unique Probiotic and CBD cleanser. It's the first of its kind!

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