M3 is: Mother Nature's Medical Miracle.

British Vogue and other esteemed publications have stated that #CBD is the hottest new skincare ingredient for 2019. And it's true! But you should know, it's not just a fad.  CBD derived from hemp extracts can be incredibly beneficial to your overall health and wellness, including your skin. To read more articles and learn about the studies behind cannabinoids, head over to M3 Life Sciences.


Our line of products is made with a unique formulation of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts that contain high concentrates of CBD oil, with potent, organic, botanical and herbal ingredients that are well known for their nourishing and protective traits. 



At M3 Life, we have always believed that Mother Nature provided us with everything we needed to have naturally beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Now we are thrilled to offer you our effective, all-natural collection.



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M3LifeCBD: Effective. Pure. Brilliant!

Dr. Jenny Wilkins is Chief Medical Officer at M3 Life Sciences and owner of AgeVital Pharmacies. Dr. Jenny is one of the most sought-after educators, industry speakers, and media personalities, who educates doctors, pharmacists and the public all over the world.


Taking from her experience as a naturopathic and anti-aging doctor, Dr. Wilkins is an author and one of the foremost authorities on the human endocannabinoid system(ECS) and an author of the Physicians Desk Reference for Clinical Applications for medical Cannabis.


Dr. Jenny explains that when there is CBD (and other cannabinoids) in our skincare the molecules attach to your CB2 receptors signaling the cells to go back to homeostasis, or balance.


Read more about what she has to say about CBD and how it works with your skin on our blog site. 


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Products sold on this site are 100% Hemp Derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. 

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