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Dear Investor,

Thank you for your interest in M3 Life Sciences. I hope this short letter serves to whet your appetite and give you a brief summary of our company, our initial focus on high end topical CBD products, and our plans to introduce edibles and ingestibles once the FDA rules this year. Check out this link with more information. A full business plan and financials are available upon request.

If you are on this page, you probably aware that Hemp/CBD is one of the hottest markets in the world right now, projected to reach $22 Billion by 2022, but what you may not be aware of, is that “CBD Beauty & Skincare” is the fastest growing segment of the CBD market.

PALM BEACH, Fla, 9/4/19 -- Demand for CBD is on the rise all over the world. Globally, Piper Jaffray, for example, believes the CBD market alone could be worth up to $100 billion. CNBC reports that Cannabis beauty has become so trendy that Wall Street analysts have started treating it as a standalone category.

WELLNESS IS THE NEW RICH: People are investing in their wellness, so much so that in 2017, the Global Wellness industry hit $4 Trillion, and the largest segment was Beauty and Anti-aging at $1 Trillion. Of note: CBD beauty and wellness brand, Lord Jones, recently sold for $300,000,000. Marketwatch - Lord Jones Sells For $300MM “a takeover price of up to 150 times 2018 revenue.”


BACKGROUND:  M3 Life Sciences is disrupting the $4 Trillion Wellness industry. We are a socially conscious business dedicated to helping people heal with wellness products derived from pure hemp extracts, and potent botanical ingredients. We use pharmaceutical-grade Broad Spectrum CBD extracts that are third-party tested for purity and safety,  (T-free or ‘non-detect’ THC) with a chain of custody from seed to finished product. We shun toxic ingredients and use only the highest quality, ‘bio-natural’ ingredients known for their therapeutic benefits.


WORLD-CLASS TEAM:  Successful entrepreneurs, Kate Rolston and Kyle Kietrys, launched M3 Life Sciences in 2018 inviting Dr. Jenny Wilkins - a sought-after Cannabinoid educator, Research Scientist and Functional Medicine Doctor - to join as Chief Medical Officer. This powerhouse team have since added a proven General Manager, Beauty Industry Operations veteran, a Seasoned Hemp Lawyer, COO and two proven e-commerce experts.


CONSUMER AND B2B AUDIENCES:  Our skincare products cater to the huge demographic, of CLEAN BEAUTY and anti-aging enthusiasts. Our pain relief and tinctures cater to a larger demographic, such as ‘weekend athletes’, sports enthusiasts, and baby boomers seeking natural solutions for pain relief, sleep aids, anxiety and depression.


CURRENT & NEW PRODUCT LINES:  With our teams’ combined experience in Natural Medicine, Beauty, Branding and Marketing, we have developed several best-in-class CBD Skincare SKUs, Pain products and Pharmaceutical-grade Tinctures. The demand for CBD in health and wellness products is growing exponentially and we have already formulated other novel products such as ‘Gut Health’ solutions with Patented Probiotics and we will also develop functional health beverages.


BRANDS:  To support these novel formulations, we have created 3 distinct brands to address today’s economic climate and wellness philosophies that will position M3 Life Sciences as a global leader in cannabinoid health & wellness. In 2021, we plan to create a professional line for doctors, spas and hair salons and to use our extensive networks to create JV’s and private label products for athletes and other celebrities.


DISTRIBUTION: We are very enthusiastic about the LOI’s we have received expressing huge interest from CBD retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers who want to carry our products. Of note: we just completed a long vetting process and have received our first contract from the LARGEST CBD DISTRIBUTOR in the USA, who also distribute in Europe and Africa. We are about to start receiving large purchase orders (PO’s). We anticipate closing our first Big Box retailer PO by June 2020. We will need to finance these purchase orders.


MANUFACTURING: We have partnered with a cGMP manufacturer that have been operating for 10 years in the hemp space and we have engaged two others so we can easily handle the pending large-scale orders.


BANKING:  Banking has been challenging for Cannabis and Hemp companies, but following 6 weeks’ of vetting last year, we have a Hemp back account in California. We also have a Credit Card Processing account.

OPPORTUNITY: When Mitch McConnell signed the Farm Bill officially de-scheduling hemp, he paved the way for Entrepreneurs, Mass Retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods, Ingredients and Healthcare companies to enter the space creating an enormous opportunity for investors in this space. And that is what we re offering you! An opportunity to share in the WELLth!!

If you are interested in hearing more,  check out this link or contact us at and one of our founders will be in touch with you.


Kate Rolston

Founder and CEO

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