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Founder & CEO

I love sharing - whether that's my stories, my wisdom, my home or hosting a fabulous CBD Supper. I love connecting with others in a meaningful way and building community is one of my goals.


kyle Kietrys


Kyle's philosophy is inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh's statement: "Community is the Guru of the Future", to which he adds - "We are that community and that future is NOW"

Hartley Riyaana Red Dress_edited.jpg

riyaana hartley

Marketing director

Riyaana has an innate ability to see a new business situation and understand immediately how to create meaningful and effective communications with the target audiences. Amazingly, she is also an experienced yoga teacher and accomplished film maker!

Kate Pia Jenny_edited.png

Pia Giovanazzo

Director of  Skin Care

Pia believes the skin is a reflection of our inner lives, our health, our attitude and our life force. She  teaches her clients about self love and imbues her botanical wisdom into her organic skincare line.

Reade measuring wth hands.jpg

Reade tilley

Editorial Director

Reade is a true wordsmith and a brilliant journalist. His interviewing skills have created stunning editorials of some of our most iconic figures. Also, an accomplished race-driver and professional photographer - we are so proud to have him on our team.


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