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Welcome to The Members' Area
We've had some questions about membership, so here we try to answer those questions but
if you have more feel free to email us at
  1. Membership gives you access to our newsletter with cannabinoid education, recipes, health tips and news you can use! 
  2. Members are the first to hear about new products we are testing and can get free products to try in return for your valued opinion;
  3. Members get savings, coupons and special offers in their inbox
  4. You will have your purchase history saved to your account so you can easily re-order
  5. You will be able to earn points when we start our referral program;
  6. This is a private area of the site and we will not share your information with anyone else without asking for your permission;
  7. Membership is free! Yes, Mam! It's our way of saying "THANK YOU for making your health & wellness a priority and honoring your Self!"
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