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The Only Alexandria (28)

Toronto, CANADA

I'm a DJ and yoga teacher, and the hours leading up to an event can get pretty stressful. So, I tried M3 life's CBD products to see if they would calm my anxiety. My friend was with me and she asked for some too so we both tried it. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked!

Just a couple of minutes later my friend said, “What is in this stuff?”

I asked her "Why?"

She said she was totally blown away because she has been using CBD for years now and said that none of the others worked as fast or as well as M3’s.

I was so thrilled that mine had kicked in too and I was already calm and centered for my show!

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Puressence CBD Face Serum Anti-Aging.jpg
Toiya_Benny TG_edited.jpg

Toiya Tillman (43)

Atlanta, GA

I never imagined I would have acne in my 40's. I eat well and drink a considerable amount of water daily, but my skin still looked dull and dry. 

I tried many different products, but nothing really worked. I even visited a dermatologist to try and combat the problem, but the results were short-lived. 

When I started using the Anti-Aging CBD Face Cream, I started to see a difference in my skin after just two days. I use it twice a day every day and I love it! And in two weeks the acne was completely gone! ..I love it 


My entire family used this body butter (including my 3 & 8 year old kids) and this was a family favorite. My kids say, "it smells like cupcakes".

m3Life BodyButter1_edited.jpg
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Janine K, (45)

Summit, NJ

I am a member of the Holistic Moms Network and I have been feeding my family organic foods and using natural and organic beauty products for years,


But when I went to my hair stylist the other day, he asked me if I’d had any work done!

I said “No! But I have been using this new CBD face cream.”

He said “Well, keep on doing what you’re doing, you look ten years younger!”

I have to admit it, I've become obsessed with this face cream, I use it every morning and  every night.


Oh and I love the soothing CBD massage oil too. It smells so good!

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Nicola - Facecream WhatsApp Image 2018-1

Nicola R, (45)

London, UK

“I love the Anti-ageing cream and also the smell of the body butter. The facial moisturizer is so gorgeous it’s a smooth, rich consistency without feeling heavy or greasy and it smells delicious! It leaves a dewy glow on my face."

Alex P.jpg

Alex P, (55)


"I love the face cream. I’d only used it once and I could already see a difference, especially on my neck!

In fact, my husband commented on how much better my loose neck skin looks after just a week!"



Wrightwood, CA

"I have a fairly stressful lifestyle as a teacher, singer songwriter and mom. So I wanted to try M3's CBD for my anxiety and to help me sleep. It worked so fast and everyone noticed saying how well I seemed!"


Karla M, (30)

Riverside, CA

“I first fell in love with the CBD massage oil. The first time I used it, I got immediate relief from an injury I'd had for over a year where I'd broken my clavicle.  I was so impressed, made everyone try it and they loved the gentle aromatherapy of the oil! The second time I bought a bottle I tried it on my menstrual cramps and l couldn't believe it - they disappeared in 5 minutes!  Sorry, but I am keeping this one to myself!"


Nic G, (37)


I first tried the HempQuell because I live in chronic pain from an injury I had riding my horse as a teen. I used it at night before bed, and I woke the next morning pain-free! This was a first for me, so I woke my wife to tell her!

My family also use the Collostrum LD which we see making a great difference in boosting our immune system,  and my wife loves the CBD face products and she has very sensitive skin!

neonatl NP.jpg
Nurse Practitioner

Joanna, W. TX


"I had a bad accident 2 years ago, fell 7 ft off a ladder,  breaking my ankle and foot.  I've never fully recovered and live in pain, so I wanted to try the CBD products for my pain, anxiety and to help me sleep. I am pleased to say that these products work. The HempQuell was really good for pain relief. he Colostrum LD is helping with all the inflammation, and I just love the all-natural anti-ageing skincare, because it seems to be working and 

it smells really wonderful. 

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