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PurEssence Anti-Aging Products!

Vogue, Marie Claire and Allure beauty editors all agree - CBD is the hottest skincare ingredient of the year! And, it's not just a fad. We use broad-spectrum CBD oil in all-natural skincare products, and they really work to stimulate cell regeneration, improve collagen, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  People from all walks of life swear by PurEssence Anti-aging Face products - just see what our customers say...

Adult Acne

I never imagined I would have acne in my 40's. I eat well and drink a considerable amount of water daily, but my skin still looked dull and dry. 

I tried many different products, but nothing really worked...


When I started using the Anti-Aging CBD Face Cream, I started to see a difference in my skin after just two days...I use it twice a day every day, and in two weeks the acne was completely gone!

I LOVE it! 

- Toiya T. (43) Atlanta, GA

New Obsession

When I went to my hairstylist the other day, he asked me if I’d had any work done!

I said “No! But I have been using this new CBD face cream.”

He said, “Well, keep on doing what you’re doing, you look ten years younger!”

​I have to admit it, I've become obsessed with these face products - I use them every morning and every night.

It's my new secret OBSESSION!

- Janine K. (45) Summit, NJ

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