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Tesla thrived by being not just a roadster car company.


They knew they were in the business of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Likewise, M3 Life is not just a health & wellness products company. We're a brave problem-solver, here to lead the way in educating and ushering in a new era of content and education to support our sustainable, organic health & wellness products, which also supports you and your business.

We support Farmers over Pharmas. We know that what we consume can affect every aspect of our health. We won't put up with harmful side-effects. We believe that food IS medicine. So we use organic and mostly plant-based ingredients that are bio-available and your body can recognize and use.

​​​We are a future-facing company of change-agents for a better industry. We support USDA certified Organic Hemp farmers to small business owners, chefs, HCP's and doctors, and we are committed to creating strong relationships with all of our stakeholders as well as new and existing customers. 

Our products are formulated by

a translational team of clinical pharmacologists, scientists, integrative medicine specialists, Cannabinoid #CBD and skin care experts. 

Over 80 years of combined experience in pharmacy practice, research, aesthetics and pharmacodynamics, enables us to formulate breakthrough products.

About Us:
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M3 Life Policies

Products sold on this site are 100% Hemp Derived and contain less than 0.3% THC. 

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