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Supper Club


Borne out of our deep desire to create healthy communities, we realized we have to start in our own backyard.

We live in a gorgeous, almost hidden part of Southern California, with breath-taking vistas of the mountains and desert sunsets.

We also have a world-class chef in our vibrant mountain community who loves to nourish our senses as we gather and celebrate a happier and healthier way of life. 

Engage All Your Senses 

If you are a foodie, like me, you really love having all your senses tantalized and stimulated. But could there be something more to add to the sense of well-being? Read on...


Personally, I am in love with the delicious aromas of fresh herbs like Thai Basil, Dill, Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and my favorite- Mint of any kind. But how does that compete with the smell of onions being caramelized in grass-fed butter...or the delicious aroma of home baked (fill-in-the-gap) rising upstairs on a winter's morning?


I love the blending of unique but distinct flavors like the spicy kick of arugula enhanced by the sweetness of summer watermelon, or the pungent taste of Turmeric and hotness of Thai Chili that blend into an exquisite "Part de Deux' dance when added to coconut cream curry ...


Notice how the deep red of heirloom tomatoes, contrasts with the vivid green of the cucumber, the purple of the red onion and pure whiteness of the feta cheese in a Greek salad!


There's a bodily and sensual satisfaction when you pick up a vegan dark chocolate truffle, and after biting into the center, you find it melting in your mouth, and now you have to lick your lips and your fingers to get every last trace! Mmm, heaven...


There's a heightened enjoyment for the auditory senses when you bite into soft tuna tartare on a crispy thin wasabi cracker, or the sizzling when you place french fries into truffle oil in a pan, or the sense of excitement when you pop the cork on cold champagne!


This is what I mean by engaging all your senses. BUT, did you know there's an additional way to elevate the entire experience? 


Really? Beyond the five senses?


YES!  What I'm talking about is activating your endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is the system of receptors all over your body whose purpose is to bring your entire body back into homeostasis or balance.


Tell me how to do that?


You can engage in laughter and play which boosts your anandamide, or you can use CBD!



Imagine your sense of well-being and overall satisfaction when your five senses and your ECS are all engaged?  


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Indian Dish
Key Lime Pie
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