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M3 Life Takes Off

It's been six months in the making but we're finally there!

At the end of October, M3 Life Sciences (M3Life) hosted an experiential event for influencers and Investors at the historic Big Red Sun In Venice beach, CA.

M3 Life, CBD, wellness, Beauty, Kate Rolston, Dr. Jenny Wilkins, Kyle Kietrys
M3 Life host Influencers and Investors at Big Red Sun

M3 Life wanted their guests to have an experience with all SIX senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste a SIXTH sense, an elevated sense of well-being through the infusion of M3 CBD tincture into mocktails and gourmet dishes, in collaboration with Chris Durbin Culinary.

The setting couldn't have been better as a backdrop for the organic botanical skincare lines with luscious plant life, and plenty of indoor and out-door eye candy!

crystal bowls, TOA 432hz,
The Only alexandria captured the audience's attention with sacred frequencies in her crystal bowls

The Venue has become a landmark on Rose Avenue in Venice, and for the past decade, Big Red Sun's bright-blue design studio and boutique has been a beloved Venice Beach destination for creative indoor and outdoor living. It's the perfect venue to get inspired.

The M3 Life team was introduced by professor Greg Jones, which was followed by M3's Hemp Industry video produced by Riyanna Hartley and Vincent Tran, then CEO, Kate Rolston, hosted a lively Q&A with Dr. Jenny Wilkins (Chief Medical officer) and Kyle T. Kietrys (President).

A continued thread at M3 events is the The Rise Of The Butterfly step and repeat, which is a continual reminder of M3's commitment to Layla Love's non-profit, whose purpose is to put an end to sex-trafficking and slavery.

Wonderful people with great plans: Gorton, Kyle, Steve, Chad.

The food was delicious and all made from scratch, highlighting the culinary expertise of Chef Chris Durbin, and M3 Life's Tincture was used in the delicious CBD Mocktails which hopefully will be bottled, and available in stores in 2019.

M3 gave a sneak peak at the unique infusions, brand development and designs for our new high-end skincare and wellness product line - which is so unique we do not want to even reveal it until the launch in January!

High Standards Agency
Ralph Santos and Enrico Moses of High Standards Agency

M3 Life was joined by other cannabis industry executives, concert producers, media executives, TV hosts, film makers and other high-vibe influencers and investors.

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