The Butterfly effect

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I was living in NYC during the aftermath of 9/11.

What is extremely poignant about that time, is that although we were witnessing darkness, traumatic suffering and inconceivable pain, the people of New York illuminated their Humanity by going out of their way to show compassion and love through volunteering, generous donations and showing up for the victims' families.

Knowing what I know now about CBD's ability to provide relief for people with PTSD, insomnia and anxiety, I wish we'd all had access to it back then!


On the opening night of RISE, Layla Love's recent NYC art show curated by Anthony Haden-Guest, I was reminded once again of the enormous heart of the people in the New York area, whose compassion for others' suffering compelled them to show up to support Layla and her campaign to end Sex Trafficking and Slavery through her non-profit, "Rise Of The Butterfly".

It was our Humanity and actions that enabled us to get through 9/11 and it will be our Humanity and our actions that will put an end to the horrific practice of Human Slavery. That is why we are donating bottles of CBD to survivors to help them cope with the trauma, anxiety and stress. ~ Kate Rolston, CEO M3 Life


#M3LifeCBD Team at Layla Love's Rise Gallery, NY Rose Theory, Kate Rolston, Pia Lauren, Dr. Jenny Wilkins.
You would never know it, but one of these four women is a survivor and she exemplifies Hope and transformation. This is why it is imperative to sit up and act now.

To me, the butterfly is the quintessential example of Metamorphosis. The complete transformation when a caterpillar emerges from its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly, ready to spread its glorious wings and fly. It's amazing to think how women who have been through such horrific ordeals - by focusing on the light, the Divine and gathering their inner strength - can emerge and not only survive, but thrive!


Layla has ignited a fire in so many of our hearts, including London-based recording artist, Jacqueline Rolston, who's beautiful lyrics tell a story of Hope after tragedy for the victims of sex-trafficking and slavery. The song, aptly called Rise, can be downloaded here, and profits go to support Rise of the Butterfly. If you love a song with depth and meaning, then this is certainly for you! If you can't afford to buy art, this is the most cost-effective way to make a diff!!! Please share on social media.

SPEAKING OF THE POWER OF OUR WORDS... In this prolific body of work, Layla's use of the word Butterfly in the title, is as profound as her choice of provocative subject matter where she juxtaposes the exquisite beauty of her female subjects on the one hand, and accentuates the horrific reality of slavery on the other.

I believe there is great wisdom revealed in her use of the word "Butterfly" in her campaign. With her NYC Rise Of The Butterfly exhibition, Love has created the "Initial Conditions" of a Butterfly Effect that ignited our souls, which can result in huge differences later.


In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.[1]

Fully embodying of her own statement, "Art Loses its ego when paired with purpose," Layla has set in motion an unstoppable frequency, a wave of energy so strong it can demolish the old structures of the past - structures that keep people hostage and no longer serve us. For the tens of thousands of us who have been inspired by this movement, we understand that Layla Love has seeded the Ultimate Butterfly Effect. Let's make sure that number grows into the tens of millions!

When LONDON€” Joined LOVE

When Brandon London joined Layla Love for a discussion entitled ATHLETE’S AGAINST VIOLENCE, the room was inspired and empowered. So much so that a fan in the audience, (a former Pimp) came forward after hearing London speak, and decided to let the women go free. If this doesn't prove the power of standing up for righteousness, and speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, I don't know what does.

"We need this new men's movement - with men like Brandon London. The men that represent what really being a man is."

Athletes Against Violence, a panel discussion hosted by former NFL player Brandon London & artist Layla Love, brought together athletes to take a stand against human trafficking. This is the official video from #AthletesAgainstViolence event with Rise of the Butterfly. Thanks to Emory Hunt, Tony Clomax, Laura Lee, Brilynn Fields, MaeOla Bolton, Leeann Brzozowski, Dr. Jenny Wilkins of Age Vital and M3 Life Sciences for sharing their experiences & ideas!


Layla has ignited a fire in so many of our hearts, including London-based recording artist, Jacqueline Rolston, who's beautiful lyrics tell a story of Hope after tragedy for the victims of sex-trafficking and slavery. The song, aptly called Rise, can be downloaded here, and profits go to support Rise of the Butterfly. If you love a song with depth and meaning, then this is certainly for you! If you can't afford to buy art, this is the most cost-effective way to make a diff!!! Please share on social media.


Following the month long exhibit, many conscious entrepreneurs were inspired to RISE UP!

Emmy Hobson Was Inspired by Layla Love's Work

One of those high-vibe entrepreneurs was Marius Morariu, the owner of Tracie Martyn spa salon in NYC 101 Fifth ave, 11th floor, who is exhibiting Layla's work there, which helps to bring more awareness to the prominent upscale and celebrity clientele that they serve, like Naomi Campbell, Julia Roberts, Emmy Hobson and Dakota Johnson. A Huge Thank You, Marius! xo


As I have said to many who questioned why M3 got behind this cause, I’ll reiterate, "How can we continue to live our lives, knowing that others are still being enslaved and sexually abused every minute of the day?" Just put yourself in the victims’ shoes and imagine hearing their prayers, "Please don't let me die here - please send help!"

You cannot close your eyes and just hope this goes away. It's not going to happen! It's going to take a village, so we need to rally together to say, "Enough Already!'


Mahatma Gandhi's Quote for Women

Layla Love has planted the seed, and she lovingly waters the fledgling flower daily. But make no mistake, if we do not step up collectively and nurture it to full bloom, the flower will wither and die. It's our job to keep this momentum going, to pledge our support to help save these innocent women and children who live every day of their lives in fear and pain being traumatized by greedy perpetrators. We will do his with LOVE, not aggression. Inspired by PEACEFUL protestors just like Mahatma Gandhi who used a policy of nonviolent civil disobedience and who reminds us to "Be The Change You wish To See in the World"


Nothing good happens in a vacuum, without people, resources and funding to fuel the mission. Through the NYC show, Layla met wonderful, philanthropic people who have offered their support and resources. The movement now has tremendous opportunities and a network to raise more awareness and raise the essential funding to reach its goals.

But we need your help.

Here are ways you can make a difference:



Layla is working with KANAREK, NYC who have designed this beautiful gold necklace. KANAREK is a fine jewelry company bringing language to the body in sophisticated, surprising ways. Striking a balance between playful and chic, KANAREK specializes in modern text jewelry that is both elegant and fun. For the sophisticate and provocateur, KANAREK celebrates language in all its myriad, beautiful forms, from poetic verse to laundry lists.

Hueb Gallery, Maddison Ave


Hueb Gallery, Madison Ave, NYC

MARK YOUR CALENDER! Layla has been invited to exhibit her work at New York's exquisite Hueb Gallery. The main event will be Thursday, December 6th at 6pm.

Hueb: 717 Madison Ave. NYC 10065

T: 917 880-2774 /

We are so proud to announce that Layla Love was selected from many accomplished artists, to be recognised for her philanthropic efforts at The World Dignity Forum, an assembly of dignitaries and world leaders, taking place at Taj Diplomatic Enclave, in New Delhi, India in February, 2019.

Bravo Layla!

M3 Life is proud to be a sponsor and supporter your efforts, Layla. We speak for others like Jim Justice, Patti Channer, and Stephen Powers. You really gave everything to this body of work and the first of a series of events. You are a great example of creativity, love, dedication and passion. You lit the torch for us all. Now it's our duty to help you build on the enormous momentum you created and help you carry the torch forward!


CBD is known to help with PTSD, Anxiety and Sleep

As a sign of our appreciation and support, for the entire month of November, M3 Life and VItal CBD have partnered to create a special offer: Buy One - Donate One!

For every bottle of our premium CBD 1740mg Tincture sold, we will donate a 30 ML bottle to a survivor. Buy Yours Now!

This tincture has been formulated by a team of Scientists headed up by Cannabinoid expert and author, Dr. Jenny Wilkins. If you are not familiar with CBD, Full and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures have been proven to re-set your body's own endocannabinoid system and help you with sleep, anxiety, PTSD, PAIN, and as if that's not enough.... it also has wonderful anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties! read more


Go On: Buy Yours Now!

Sincere thanks to everyone for all of the unique ways you support this cause to put an end to this madness.

By Kate Rolston


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