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Summertime and the Livin' is Boozy!

Prices are Jumping yet everyone's high!

Let me ask you a question...what did you drink with dinner last night: wine, a beer or a cocktail?

Thanks to ingenious marketing, alcohol has now become a part of our every-day-life. It seems everyone wants to feel buzzed or 'high'.

The question is, "Can we have a Healthy High?" (Jump to Mocktail recipe)

That’s where CBD or CBG mocktails come in!

You can have a drink that’s tasty, healthy and feels celebratory but doesn’t leave you dehydrated or hung over the next day. Actually, you'll find that by activating your endocannabinoid system, you're back in to balance and you feel pretty AMAZING!

Not to mention - mocktails can actually boost your health by incorporating ingredients packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants; they’re not prone to addiction like alcoholic beverages and they’re safe for anyone, including PREGNANT women, the elderly even CHILDREN!

So how can you start replacing those unhealthy adult beverages with mocktails? I’m glad you asked.

My Favorite CBD/CBG Mocktail

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The Oxford Lexico defines 'Mocktail' as a North American word meaning:

“A non-alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks.”

The best mocktails should always include ingredients that offer you not just a tasty beverage, but HEALTH BENEFITS as well. Always look for recipes that are NOT high in sugar or empty calories, and incorporate fresh herbs or organic fruit.

Personally, I also recommend a really high-quality mineral water.

I like to use Mountain Valley Spring Water who’s website states: “We pride ourselves on truth, integrity, and pure American spring water. Rising naturally from a spring in the Ouachitas, The Mountain Valley spring water filters through granite-based aquifers collecting all the pure, healthy, goodness from the land. Our water is sodium-free with a naturally detoxifying pH and rich blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium.”

I have no affiliation with this company, I'm just a fan of their quality spring water.


  1. Use high quality, sparking mineral water (not soda water) as a great go-to base for a healthy mocktail.

  2. If your recipe requires simple syrup, make it yourself. Do NOT use white refined sugar! There are plenty of alternatives. I use organic Rapadura (dehydrated cane juice) organic Maple syrup, or local (raw) honey.

  3. Adding a high quality CBD, a CBG or a combo Tincture will activate your endocannabinoid system so you feel balanced, relaxed and can have fun! A full dropper of our Badass Bandit 1:1 tincture provides a 20mgs of CBD and 20mgs of CBG. Our CBG is 40mgs so I recommend 1/2 a dropper, and wait 15 minutes, because you should feel it.


It's hard to describe it exactly because it can be VERY subtle at first, and may be different for each person. We host the 'CBD Supper Club' where we get together to enjoy a meal cooked by a 5-star chef, and the only thing to drink are our CBD mocktails and sparking water. We made that decision because we really wanted people to feel the effects of the CBD.

People were served a Mocktail on arrival, to which they'd typically comment, "Mmm...Surprisingly it tastes delicious", and then later they would ALWAYS come back for more stating, "I feel great! and the CBD mocktail is so 'more-ish'!"


What's most fulfilling to me is watching people from various walks of life with differing views getting along, having fun, mingling and dancing. I heard people having passionate conversations, smiling, eating, laughing as we were building community.

People would come up to me and say;

"I don't know what you've put in that drink, but I feel Wonderful!"


Cannabinoids are known to positively effect our mood by helping us to relax, reduce STRESS and anxiety, and bringing a feeling of CALM and well-being. Many People have a ECS deficiency, which means, that the person is not producing enough of their own inner cannabinoids to be in balance, or "homeostasis".

So when we supplement with plant or phyto-cannabinoids like CBD and CBG we bring our entire system back to HOMEOSTASIS.

CBG activates the same receptors as THC, but does NOT intoxicate you!