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CBG is Incredibly Promising

Most of us are familiar with cannabidiol better known as CBD. We may have heard about it from someone we know. It might have helped them feel better, beat stress, pain, or get more sleep.

But, if you've recently read about CBG you might be wondering what all the buzz is about...

Well I, for one, think it's worth a blog post because CBG is pretty freaking amazing as far as compounds go!

To understand how it works, we look inside and understand how cannabinoids interact in our bodies.

In hemp, plant scientists found over 100 compounds called Cannabinoids. The term cannabinoid gets its name from the cannabis plant scientists were researching.

In 1992 scientists discovered a new receptor system in the body. They named it the EndoCannabinoid System, (endo means internal or within). ECS for short. The same ECS system is found in the brain, organs, tissues, glands, and immune system of most mammals.

Scientists believe ECS receptors to be more numerous than those in any other system. These receptors recognize and put cannabinoids to use. They help our body re-balance and self-heal. Every cell goes through a process of self-replacement, a reproductive cycle. During cell reproduction, scientists noticed the cannabinoids protected healthy cells.

Apoptosis and Homeostasis

During cell reproduction, there are natural check points to eliminate imperfect cells and assure survival. If the reproductive cycle can’t repair the imperfect, unhealthy, or diseased cells, it triggers them to self-destruct. The process is called 'apoptosis' or programmed cell death. It’s a naturally occurring part of every system in our body including ECS.

When the process successfully destroys imperfect cells, the body’s balance, called 'homeostasis' is restored. The body stays healthy.

So far, researchers have identified two types of endocannabinoid receptors. CB1 is found primarily in our nervous system, connective tissues, glands, and organs. CB2 is in the immune system. Sometimes both are present in the same tissue, each linked to a different action.

What Does the Research Show?

Research is young and ongoing globally at an amazing rate and the wealth of information out there is impressive. Hopes are high, as are the indications from many studies, for a host of new medical and non-medical uses.

Some additional researched benefits:

  • CBG also acts as a GABA reuptake inhibitor that could possibly be used to help with seizures, anxiety, and overdose.

  • CBG helps to decrease INFLAMMATION in the colon for relieving inflammatory bowel disease.

  • In a 2014 Italian study, a biochemistry research team discovered that CBG helps receptors block cancer cell growth throughout the body.

  • Results show that CBG INHIBITS TUMOR growth and chemically-induced COLON carcinogenesis.

  • In a 2015 study, CBG was discovered to be effective in protecting neurons in lab mice with Huntington’s disease, helping slow down the nerve cell degeneration or damage in the brain.

  • Recent studies on CBG have also shown the cannabinoid as a possible treatment for glaucoma by decreasing the affected eye’s intraocular pressure. CBG HAS ALL THE BENEFITS, WITHOUT INTOXICATION.

CBG has emerged with superior benefits

CBG is abundant in young hemp plants. It is similar to a stem cell, a MOTHER cell that triggers the plant’s growth. In plants it’s called a progenitor molecule. All three lines of cannabinoids emerge from it, CBD, THC and CBC. Studies showed that as a PRECURSER, it doesn’t contain THC.

“Studies have already shown that CBG reacts with both

CB1 and CB2 receptors without any intoxication.

This resolves a major issue for those who need the

CB-1 receptors activated but cannot either

tolerate THC or are subject to drug testing.” - Kyle T. Kietrys, President, M3 Life Sciences.

Research breeders discovered a young plant that tested high in CBG, often had much lower levels when it was mature. CBG levels reduce as portions of it convert into CBD, THC, and other components.

One of those researching breeders took a scientific approach. From his farm in Switzerland, he studied thousands of different strains and cannabinoids. Based on early trials he focused on creating a high CBG strain. The result? A variety that is garnering attention across Europe.

In the rugged Swiss Alps, at HIGH ELEVATION, the goal of high CBG, and terpenes, with minimal THC became a reality. His Matterhorn CBG became a registered strain of hemp high in CBG.

Farms are high in the Colorado Mountains, with pristine soil, are perfect for growing Matterhorn CBG. It's where we grew ours and this is a picture of the beautiful flower.

CBG is unique

One thing many consumers aren’t aware of is every strain of hemp is different. The plants may look alike. Their chemical makeup is very different. Like mint, rosemary, or lavender, the herb’s best use varies with variety.

CBD strains proved themselves effective for many uses. CBG, terpene-rich strains, appear to offer even more. Consumers who want to cut out the THC can get that with our CBG hemp.

Our CBG is rich in essential nutrients including omega 3, protein, and fiber. Our CBG strain is vigorous and potent with the highest levels of CBG available. There is no detectable THC, which is a great thing for retailers concerned about THC levels in hemp products.

While there is much less research on CBG available, it is the precursor or mother of CBD. We know that all the benefits of CBD had to come from this original form.

We have already seen CBG excel in STRESS as an ANXIETY management tool, among the other common CBD benefits. Research is rampant and hinting at much more on the horizon.

Some findings point to its potential for a variety of medicinal uses and disease-fighting possibilities. Among these include the possibility of its use as a “SUPER-BUG FIGHTER”. Imagine that after what we all went through in the last two years!

They don’t have all the answers yet, however the interest is high and a window has opened for more studies.

If you haven't done so yet, I encourage you to try our CBG tincture, especially if you need help with relaxation, inflammation or a natural sleep aid.

Sweet dreams and namaste!


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