A Quick Word about Your Empty Plate

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

CBD and other cannabinoids are “really anti-inflammatory vitamins,” says Dr. Jenny Wilkins, Medical Director at M3 Life .

THC and CBD are Incredible Anti-Inflammatory Super foods

Cannabidiol (CBD)—one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, along with THC and others, are “really anti-inflammatory vitamins,” says Dr. Jenny Wilkins, M3’s Chief Medical Officer and a leading expert on the endocannabinoid system. “I think one day it’s going to be in that category. It’s a cannabinoid that’s found not just in the cannabis plant but in every living whole food, like mangoes, peppers, and spinach. Every plant, so far as we can tell, has a phytocannabinoid system, and everybody should be absorbing this from foods. But, she goes on to explain that because of modern farming practices, this isn't really happening today.

Food is medicine. But much of today’s food is not medicine. It’s garbage.

“Food is medicine. But much of today’s food is not medicine. It’s garbage. It’s crap. We need proper nutrition, but we have an epidemic of malnourished consumers," and "it’s especially prevalent here in the United States where food is modified for many reasons: saving money, a longer shelf life, and so on. If you see something you put in your pantry a year ago that hasn’t started to spoil, that’s a sign you’re probably eating something bad for you."

No one is naturally deficient in Xanax, for example.

“There are no receptors in the body for Ibuprofen. No one is naturally deficient in Xanax, for example." Dr. Wilkins explains that with functional medicine, they are looking at root causes and to put back into the body what is lacking from the body, and that includes cannabinoids. "CBD helps in the modulation of other vitamins and minerals. It helps with homeostasis—that perfect body balance. Water is essential for life, amino acids, minerals, probiotics; and, yes, CBD is also a necessary part of that system.”

Here at M3 Life we are looking forward to the results of more studies, as it becomes legal to study "Mother Nature's Miracle Medicine."

Dr. Jenny Wilkins was interviewed by Reade Tilly.

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